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Group 1: Bulk cargo (cargo)

- Agricultural products: corn kernels, soybean meal, wheat, ...


- Construction materials: soil, sand, stone, ...


- Ore of all kinds, coal, clinker, cement, ...

Group 2: Bags such as rice, flour, coal, cement, fertilizer, etc.

- Group 2a: from 30kg -> 60kg/bag


- Group 2b: bags under 30kg and over 60kg/bag


-Group 2c: big bags, jumbo bags, bags on pallets, etc.

Group 3: 

- Ccc metal in bundles, bales such as: construction iron, corrugated iron, metal ingots, steel sheets, corrugated iron coils, corrugated iron pipes, concrete piles, bar metal items, ...


- Luong bamboo, bamboo, packed in bundles shorter than 12m in length.

Group 4: 

- Machinery, equipment, goods, packed in bales, crates, pallets such as: refractory bricks, tiles, pulp, rubber, cotton, paper, ...

- Goods packed in crates and drums  tanks such as: gasoline, grease, paint, asphalt, alum, pesticides, anti-rot drugs, chemicals, ...

- Wood of all kinds, plywood, bales, logs, and slats with a length shorter than 12m. 

Group 5: 

- Including all kinds of goods, regardless of packing specifications, form of packages, boxes or bare, belonging to department stores, groceries, handicrafts, wood flooring, agricultural and forestry products not listed in this table. , plastic bags, white lap, rubber of all kinds (except rubber packed in pallets).


- Food technology goods, regardless of packaging specifications, forms of packaging, bales or bare (except for special goods with separate regulations) such as household appliances, sports equipment, stationery, roll paper, empty cartons, empty cans, empty cans, pulp, ropes, cotton fabrics, garments, sacks, furs, toothpicks, handicrafts, plastic beads, plant seeds, medicinal herbs , dried chili, garlic, onions, ginger, brown tubers, bottles, candles, sulfur, canned soap, pepper, tea, tobacco, food.


- Bricks and tiles, ladders made into cakes, goods made of terracotta, crockery, porcelain, glass and glass.


- Goods made of plastic, plastic, rubber.  


- Various types of herbal medicine, traditional medicine, copper, western medicine, live animals, ray, fresh tquar flowers, seedlings, ornamental plants.

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